Bottega Veneta to perform next show in Detroit


Bottega Veneta Bringing the Spring 2022 collection to the Detroit runway, we’ll be showing off our third new format show, Salon 03, on October 21st.

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2021 Campaign-Bottega Veneta

As Italian brands go against tradition Fashion week Calendar, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta Daniel Lee We are performing alternative shows in unexpected ways. He staged “Salon 01” at a top secret show in London last fall.

Similarly, in April of this year, it announced that it had a secret show at the Berlin nightclub Berghain. The photo has not been published yet. Today, “Salon 03” is expected to be similar to other salon presentations with an experiential twist on the traditional fashion show format.

Bottega Veneta owned by a French luxury conglomerate KeringDid not identify why they chose Detroit’s amazing city to host their next show, but the United States has proven to be the brand’s target market. Bottega Veneta recently opened a pop-up shop in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, New York. Relaxed Covid-19 restrictions compared to Europe may also be a reason to choose a location.

Bottega Veneta decided to abandon the traditional fashion calendar and unschedule, but the brand also withdrew from social media and Instagram And Facebook. In March, we launched a quarterly digital journal as a way to excite and attract consumers to our collections.

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Bottega Veneta to perform next show in Detroit

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