Precisely What Does “You’re Not My Type” Mean?

Dudes are simple when they speak. They do not generally speaking act as cryptic or chat “around” an interest. They’re all company and logic, so if they are certainly not lying, they truly are probably just telling it like it is. Cannot look for a lot of subtext between the contours because there most likely is not any.

If he states you are not his type but he is however curious, go on it at par value. He more than likely is wanting to state that he is usually not attracted to significant, brainy girls, but there’s merely one thing about you that intrigues him.

If he’s merely thinking about sex, he almost certainly don’t mention you’re not his type, as that will operate against their online game. He’ll either lay on the charm while the outdated common outlines, or he’s going to declare that you two need to have collectively for many enjoyable someday.

He will state you are “hot” as opposed to telling you you’re rather. He’s going to eyeball you up and down like an ice cream sundae, and he’ll move around in close-in an aggressive as opposed to sensitive manner. You are a female, so make use of intuition. You’ll know what he is truly interested in, a good way or perhaps the some other.

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